Monday Morning Immigration Newsletter

Biden Recognizes Immigration Judges Union, MPP 2.0 is Up and Running, Senate Confirms CBP Director Chris Magnus, What I’m Reading, and More

Top of the Monday to you, friends! I hope you were able to enjoy the weekend and return to the week refreshed.

Welcome! A note about this newsletter: Even though I have been in the immigration field now for about a decade, I have to be honest with you: I always found keeping up with immigration news to be an enormous challenge. So many changes, so fast! To address this, I set a goal for myself in 2019 to do a better job of tracking the immigration news. I finally got a handle on things and it really paid off. In November, however, I decided it was time to give back to the community by trying to make immigration more accessible for more people from someone who works within the world of immigration research, policy, and data. This newsletter is the result of that vision. I hope you like it.

Okay, enough of all that. Let’s get into it.

Monday Morning Immigration Newsletter

  1. Biden Administration Recognizes Immigration Judges Union Again 🏛
  2. Week 1 of MPP 2.0: News Round-Up 👎
  3. Senate Confirms Chris Magnus to Lead CBP ✅
  4. Biden May Be Ignoring Concerns About Migrant Rights Raised by His Own Administration 🚨
  5. What I’m Reading: Race After Technology by Ruha Benjamin 📚
  6. TRAC releases data on immigration judges 📊

1 → Biden Administration Recognizes Immigration Judges Union Again 🏛

The National Association of Immigration Judges (NAIJ) is officially recognized as a union once again after the Trump administration fought successfully to have the union decertified by the Federal Labor Relations Authority in 2020. (Click here for the official decision.) In an absurd and frankly outrageous move, the Biden administration had initially fought to uphold the Trump administration’s decision and refused to negotiate with the NAIJ. But this week the administration changed course and recognized the union on Tuesday. The Guardian story about the NAIJ’s re-recognition is available here. Here’s the NAIJ’s post on Twitter.

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