A Data Portrait of the 611,470 DACA Recipients Who Still Have no Path to Citizenship

Austin Kocher, PhD
2 min readJun 15, 2022

DACA turns 10 years old on Wednesday, June 15 — an anniversary that was hardly a foregone conclusion given years of legal challenges. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) provides relief from deportation and allows immigrants who came to the country as children to go to school and to work, but little else.

Despite widespread public support for Dreamers, bipartisan bills from both Republicans and Democrats, and years of sustained activism, DACA recipients are in the same precarious legal state as they were a decade ago.

Image and story of Dream Activists available at TIME here.

In this short data-focused post, I use USCIS’s resources on their Immigration and Citizenship Data page to paint a portrait of the more than 611,000 immigrants who still have DACA status as of December 2021. (Feel free to share images online with attribution.)

To learn more about DACA, watch the first-hand experiences of people with DACA in this short video from the New York Times and watch Saturday Night Live’s skit of the Game of Life: DACA Edition which is a more darkly humorous take on the program.

Austin Kocher, PhD

I study America’s immigration enforcement system. Assistant Professor at TRAC. Graduate of OSU Geography. Online at austinkocher.com.